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After selling more than 2 million copies all over the world,

the beautifully illustrated children's book series

The Butterfly Children is back!

And their first three adventures,

Whizzing Through the Woods,

A Winter Story and Sharing Can Be Fun are out now!

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Whizzing Through the Woods, A Winter Story and Sharing Can Be Fun here!

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What is The Butterfly Children?

This beautifully illustrated pre-school children's book series tells the stories of The Butterfly Children, who live together, deep in the woods, where people seldom go...

The Butterfly Children come from all over the world, places like the UK, the USA, Japan, Germany, Nigeria and many more! And their wings are like the wings of the butterfly from the country they are from!


The Butterfly Children’s main aim is to protect the environment from global warming. Not only for themselves and their animal friends, but for us humans too!

All that, while warding off threats from their enemies, The Moth Gang!

Always ready to ruin The Butterfly Children's adventures.

The Butterfly Children stories are full of lessons about respect, care, forgiveness and love.


Who are The Butterfly Children?


This is D.C., a Monarch Butterfly. 

He is from the USA and he is the leader of The Butterfly Children.    
                He is a handsome, freckly faced character.      

  He is well respected and looked up to.       

He is brave and understanding and is always ready to help others.       

   And he is also a great acrobat and flies faster than anyone,      

performing incredible aerial gymnastics!    

    Say hi to Chrissie, a Christmas Swallowtail.

       Chrissie is also from the USA. She is a very pretty blonde and sees                everything from a scientific point of view!

          And she is very much in love with D.C.

         She appears to be a bit bossy when not allowing the young ones to         climb trees and do things that would be far too dangerous for them          but at the same time she loves to wrap them up in cotton wool.              Chrissie is a real motherly butterfly!

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And here's Chuku, a Cymothoe Sangaris.

Chuku is from Nigeria.   

He is a great favourite with the girls as he is always happy and fun to      be with.       

He is very strong and responsible for the protection of        

the Harmony Tree, the home of The Butterfly Children.      
If something or someone disheartens the group he will try to cheer      everyone up with a joke or an impersonation.  

When Chuku is around everyone feels safe and is never sad for long!

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And many, many more!


Get your copy of The Butterfly Children's newly re-released first three adventures,

Whizzing Through the WoodsA Winter Story and Sharing Can Be Fun now!

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In The Butterfly Children's adventure

Whizzing Through The Woods, Rudy builds a wonderful cart but then gets taken for a ride by Susie and a friendly rabbit!

In A Winter Story, Spike builds a snowman that looks just like himself but it disappears over night. Did someone take it?

And in Sharing Can Be Fun, D.C. and Chrissie teach their friends Spike and Red how much fun sharing can be!

And Whizzing Through the Woods is also available for the first time in Chinese!


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